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Your business needs to stand out online. Word of mouth and referrals aren’t enough. What do your photos on your Google My Business listing look like? Do they look like the Google car took them while driving by on a rainy day? 

If you have a professional office, then you want your prospective customers to see it! If you look unprofessional online, then they will jump to the conclusion that you are an unprofessional business. 

We will take photographs of your business inside and out, as well as staff headshots. You can use these photographs for your website, social media, Google listing and printed material. 

Photos for Your Google My Business Listing

You only have once chance to make a first impression…and that goes for online impressions too. Your Google listing represents your business online whether you control it or not. Google will post images that IT thinks represent your business, if you have not posted any. We encourage you to be proactive and post the pictures that YOU think best represent your business. 

Keep in mind that others can post pictures of your business as well. Google will not remove them unless they violate their terms. The more of your own pictures you post and control, the less likely it is that the photos posted by a third party will be shown as your featured image. 

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"Your business should stand out in a sea of online mediocrity."

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