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Logo design and Branding

Graphic Design is not a place to cut corners. You spend thousands on a website and marketing, make sure your company culture follows through on the design of your logo, as well as every piece you put in front of a customer. 

That includes business cards (frequently your company’s first impression), brochures, postcards and signage.

Your printed material backs up your online image. The last thing you want, is to confuse your customers with an inconsistent look. Trust me, they will notice if you start cutting corners. You want them to know who you are and what you represent. Tell a story that they can connect with, back it up with your product and service, and you’ll have that customer for life.

Be consistent across all online channels. Your social media should reflect this same company branding and culture. You want your customers to become immersed in your brand.

An unprofessional or dated image can do irreversible damage.

Call us for a logo refresh, a branding package, or for a completely new design. 


“Design is the body language
of your marketing.
Don’t slouch.”

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Indigo Digitaal Logo Design Portfolio

Here are some samples of our graphic design and logo design.