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Your business needs to stand out in local Google search. As a recognized top Google Photographer, I can make that happen. Word of mouth and referrals aren’t enough anymore. Customers will look you up on Google. Are you proud of what they will see? What does your restaurant look like on Google My Business? Do they look like the Google car took them while driving by on a rainy day? Do you leave it up to your customers to post their own pictures? You have to maintain control of your own Google listing. You can not stop visitors from posting their own photos, all you can do is take the kind of pictures that Google wants, so visitors will have a good impression of your restaurant or bar. 

We Know What Google Wants to Show on Your Listing

If you’re worried about what is lurking online representing your business, then you need a professional restaurant and food photographer who understands what Google is likely to show as your featured image. This is something you have no control over. Google decides what to show. We have this down to a science. Our photos are adopted by Google as the featured image in 82% of the businesses we shoot for.

We take into consideration the unique ambience of your place, encouraging the viewer to picture themselves there. Is this a place they want to meet on a first date? Do they want to take visiting family or friends there? Posting professional photos of your bar or restaurant indicates that you care about your business, and so will your customers.

 We take photos of the interior and exterior of your restaurant and any unique points of interest, showing off your best assets. 

Food and Drink Photography

We’re not talking about studio shots when we say food and drink photography. We mean to show off your signature cocktail at the bar, or maybe a tray of oysters on the waterfront in a social setting. The food has to look appetizing of course, but it will be set in an atmosphere that shows the viewer what kind of experience to expect at your restaurant…And that it will look good on their Instagram feed.

Is Your Restaurant Instagram Worthy?

We are finding that many young people today choose the restaurant or bar that they eat at based on how good it will make them look on social media, particularly Instagram. This is something that you can capitalize on. As photographers, we understand this and will take the kind of pictures for your Google listing or website that will draw in traffic based on the “look” of your restaurant. 

Trade and Lore ~ Asheville, North Carolina
Boatyard cocktail - fort lauderdale
Boatyard ~ Fort Lauderdale
Pork Sliders at Salt7 Las Olas Fort Lauderdale
Salt7 ~ Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale

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Corla Ingram at Rooftop in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale