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Good SEO or Search Engine Optimization is just giving your visitors the best possible experience.

These days, the term SEO is quite over-used, but it’s something we all need to be conscious of when thinking about our websites. When you use Indigo Digitaal to build a website, we know that optimization is critical to having your website be found in online search (SERPs Search Engine Results Pages). It is best to have an SEO Expert on call, who keeps up with the industry standards and can provide this valuable service.

It’s not just about keywords anymore.

Our Google Certified experts carefully analyze all aspects of your site, this includes the implementation of keywords within your content, as well as meta tags, meta descriptions, page titles, and other behind-the-scenes factors. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing your site.

You can’t trick Google. Your site needs to contain actual, relevant content which your reader will find engaging and useful.

The point is not necessarily to come up first on Google, but to rank highly because your site provides an enjoyable experience for someone looking online for what you sell or do.

Understanding this, is key to the success of your website. This process takes time…at least if it’s done right; and it will take longer to see results with a new domain than with an established one.

SEO management services, because you want to stay on top.

  • Initial analysis
  • Competitor site analysis,
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Integration of Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console
  • Claim/Verify your Google My Business Listing (for local search), including analysis of Google Insights
  • Keyword research report.

Once these services been completed, our experts will analyze the content of your site for relevancy and provide an action plan with SEO recommendations.

We recommend creating a search engine friendly landing page, content editing, editing page titles and meta descriptions and improving links. 

We work in partnership with The Paramount, Inc. a Google Partner.

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Google Ads

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